If you want to add link in input

  • There are some requirements when you need to add link in your text input like this
  • In this particular requirement, whatever coupon code is added, user to click on “Apply Code” to redeem it.
  • This is now possible using form-control.
  • New form control name as “text-url” is added in form control service. (soon will be added in form control service)
  • It works as same as text from control with some new parameters added for link config.
  • Consider following things for this.
  • fields_config:
  • link_text, link_class, link_url, these 3 arguments important for link addition. (you can add these according to requirement).
  • Added Changes in text-url form control are
  • CSS:
  • Using link_class you can further code you ajax or redirect or anything as per your requirement.
  • For actual service code you can visit – text-url
  • Happy coding!
Updated on Jun 19, 2021