Disabling caching while developing in Awesome Enterprise

In Awesome Enterprise, we use aggressive caching of code and environment to improve performance, even when we are in development mode. While working with Awesome Enterprise IF you need to disable caching please set the following cookies on your browser.

Cookie/URL Applicable Result
use_env_cache AW 3 if you set use_env_cache cookie with value no then you can skip the environment cache created by Awesome Enterprise 3
?use_env_cache=no AW 3 In any URL if you add the query variable as ?use_env_cache=no it will automatically set a ‘use_env_cache=no‘ cookie in your browser and all your request will bypass the cache.
?use_env_cache=delete_cookie AW3  You can delete the ‘use_env_cache‘ cookie by adding the query string ?use_env_cache=delete_cookie to the URL. This will ensure that you are back to using the environment caching.
?del_env_cache=yes AW 3 If you are in development mode, you can delete the environment cache so that it rebuilds by adding the query variable del_env_cache=yes  to any URL.
dev_no_cache AW 2 If you set the cookie dev_no_cache= yes in the browser then you can bypass the environment cache in  Awesome Enterprise 2.
wordpress_no_cache any  We cache pages at the Nginx level and to bypass page-level cache you can set this wordpress_no_cache=yes cookie. By default, we don’t cache pages for logged-in users.
Updated on Jun 19, 2021