Extra Handlers

List of all the additional handlers that are available to use with Awesome Enterprise.
Once you install them you will get new shortcodes to use within your application.

Adds support for calling API using PHP CURL for both GET and POST requests using curl.api.* shortcodes.

fixed error while using the proxy. Read more


Add supports to work with Facebook API, introduces facebook.* shortcode.

Initial Release

Google API Integration handler for Awesome enterprise

fixed the include path for the autoloader file. Read more

Bug fix

Adds support to generate pdf files from html in awesome enterprise

The initial release of pdf handler. Read more

Initial Release

Adds support for woo.* shortcodes to make it easier to work with Woocommerce within Awesome Enterprise

Adds support to work with Exotel API within Awesome Enterprise, introduces exotel.* shortcodes

The initial release of the exotel handler. Read more

Initial Release

Adds support for payment gateway integrations by introducing aw2.pay shortcode.

Fixed syntax errors Read more

Bug fixes

Add support for parsing docx file by introducing docx.parse_template shortcode

updated dependencies so that it can work with PHP 8 Read more


Add supports to work with Zoho API in Awesome Enterprise platform, it introduces zoho.* shortcodes.

Add support to work with Excel files in Awesome enterprise. Introduces excel.* shortcodes.

fixed a critical typo resulting in wrong overwriting debug handler. Read more

typo fix

Added support for using Phantojs to generate pdf files from html in Awesome Enterprise

[Fix]: Format passed as parameter to phantom js cli Read more


AWS S3 shortcode which will handle all the operation of AWS S3 like fetch get etc.

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() issue is fixed Read more

Issue fixed

This page contains the packages that you can use in your projects.

1. **[Improved]**: Removed the extra check of the cookie so that it can be used in other scenarios as well. Read more


Adds support to Awesome Enterprise for sending emails, SMS and push notifications using various third party API.

1. [Fix] Removed the direct dependency of WP function so that we can use them in non-wp requests as well. 2. [Fix] Added missing Tracking info for SendGrid Read more